Choose your tier

We want Cybermap 360 to be affordable for small and mid-size companies. And very simple to manage. We have defined 3 tiers.

Pick the tier that works for your company when you create your tenant at cybermap360.ch and you are all set. A license of Cybermap 360 is valid for 1 year (cannot be shorter, except for the free 30-day trial) and then needs to be renewed.


US$ 500 / Year

1 legal entity

5 users


US$ 2,000 / Year

Up to 2 legal entities

Up to 20 users


US$ 6,000 / Year

Unlimited legal entities

Unlimited users

We currently only offer the standard support model, which is via our website, with no service level agreement. However, our target is to get back to you within one business day (Switzerland time), maximum 3 business days.

We are planning to offer an Enterprise support model, but it is not yet available. While still being defined, it will most likely come with a service level agreement of one business day and access to real-time support.